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HydroTherm program (Control valve)
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See thematic: Coefficient Kv, Kvs, Kvo and leakage rate

Kv determination

The value of Kv can be calculated according to the values given "flow and pressure loss estimated".

Control valve, Coefficient Kv, Kvs, Kvo, Cv, leakage rate. Valves characteristics


Coefficient of flow Kv for a control valve

It is the flow of water Q in m3/h measured at 4°C (Density = 1000 kg/m3) for a pressure loss of 1 bar, passes through the valve considered as entirely open.

calculation, control, valve, coefficient, Kv, Kvs, Kvo, Cv, leakage, rate, valves


Pressure loss

The value of Kv in the same way is used to calculate the pressure loss in a valve according to the flow which through it.

Valves characteristics linear, quadratic, logarithmic, calorific linear

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