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HydroTherm program (Local pressure loss)
Sundry programs

Pipe table editor

The display and the possible imputation of the pipe is done by the intermediary of a specific module.

415 pipes made of 11 categories are incorporated in the program.

Local pressure losses for water pipes. Pressure drop for valves ou fittings

The types of pipes integrated in the HydroWater program for the calculation of the pressure losses, are:

  • Black iron T1 and T2 tubes (traditional use)
  • Galvanized iron tubes
  • black iron T3 tubes
  • Steel tubes S5, S10, S40, S80, etc.
  • Coppers tubes serie K, L, M, etc.
  • Coppers tubes (refrigerating quality)
  • PVC ground heating tubes
  • PVC pressure tubes
  • Polyethylene tubes (PehD)
  • Polyethylene tubes for gas
  • Stainless 316L tubes

K-factor editor for local pressure loss

See thematic: Calculation of the local pressure losses on hydraulic networks

It is located in the program one procedure placed on the customized menu bar for the indicative values of the local pressure loss coefficients with direct imputation on the working sheet.

Pressure loss coefficient. Pressure drop calculation

Equivalent-K calculator

See thematic: Calculation of the local pressure losses on hydraulic networks.

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