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DevExcel program (Why this choice)
Sundry programs

There exists on the market different types of software to carry out estimates. This software is often expensive and is usable in a quite precise environment. You must thus familiarize you with this new environment of work which the program requires that you bought.

Very often the employees within a company give up the use of the program in spite of the heavy investment.

Conversely DevExcel functions with Excel. Excel is practically used in all the companies; the Excel environment is thus familiar. The investment of the program of DevExcel is very weak. You can personalize your proposal, in particular if you want to make your proposal more or less anonymous.

When a study of price is carried out, the project in progress is seldom fixed. You must very often altered your study for multiple reasons (the architect can modify its project meanwhile, the customer or the Owner building imposes new requests, the real cost exceeds the budget envisaged initially, etc.)

During the negotiations with the customer or the owner building, of the handing-over are agreed, certain stations are removed, etc. So then your offer is accepted you owe recadrer your proposal for the signature of the market and like then for the situations of work according to these new elements.

The programs which exist on the market functioning in their own environment are not easily usable to modify a study of price according to what the customer requires. Sometimes it is even necessary to remake the study of price completely.

Conversely DevExcel allows modifying its study in progress easily, you can easily withdraw elements of your estimate, to insert of new lines anywhere, to copy or paste new elements without deteriorating the phases of calculations.

The DevExcel program can be used in all the aspects of activities and industry.
It is a fast and precise tool for evaluation for the quantity surveyors, the negotiators, the salesmen, the analysts, the investors in residential, commercial real estate.


It is obvious that to want to carry out an estimate by charging the values necessary such as the price of the supplies of materials, the handing-over, times of labour to each study in spite of automatic calculation can prove to be long and tiresome at the same time and more especially as you are likely to mislead you in the insertion of these values.
The use of libraries is essential if one wants to be effective in his work.

The creation of its own libraries can represent months of work full-time.

Many libraries of works available and are adapted to the DevExcel program
The expenditure must include the strategies of subcontracting and the purchases of hardware. The costs of labour must be analyzed and affected correctly. It is significant to know on which station of the work is affected the estimated margin. You cannot establish the result of a business before all controls of the costs are completed.

Calculation estimate (see calculation programme DevExcel)

In a study of price or estimate it is advisable to affect a coefficient of sale which will cover the overheads, the specific expenses and the profit margin according to the cost price calculated in under detail of price.

The overheads are expressed as a percentage evaluated sales turnover total of the company and applied for the same percentage in the price of the work. In the absence of more recent documents, one will have to refer to the percentage of overheads noted at the time of the financial year closure last of the company.

The employers' loads on the wages can be charged directly to the cost of the labour or be integrated in the overheads of the company (In the example below, the employers' loads as well as the ancillary costs of transport and restoration are integrated directly on the cost of the labour).

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Different coefficients of sale can be applied to certain stations, such as for example work of subcontracting, the real rate of margin or the balanced coefficient is given according to the price selling free taxes compared to spent such as: materials, labour, subcontracting, etc.

In certain case it is asked a percentage of ancillary costs such as for example the expenses of controls or account proportion calculated starting from the selling price all inclusive of tax.


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